keynote address
supply chain optimization

Reginaldo Ecclissato currently holds the role of Vice President, North America Supply Chain, with overall responsibility for the end-to-end supply chain, across North America. Reginaldo has been with Unilever for more than 20 years and has overseen the transformation of its supply chain during that time into a truly connected global network. Unilever makes and sells products under more than 400 brand names worldwide. Two billion people use Unilever products on any given day.

  • Tracing Unilever's supply chain transformation over the last 5 years
  • Establishing a truly global, interconnected and agile infrastructure for success
  • Lessons learned as an organization over the course of our supply chain and logistic journey
  • Forecasting the future - What will the industry look like in 5-10 years’ time? Where is Unilever headed?



Reginaldo Ecclissato
VP, North American Supply Chain

supply chain optimization

  • A journey of innovation to differentiation with fast implementation and ROI
  • Achieve a competitive advantage with cutting-edge supply chain optimization and analytics
  • Dynamic Cost-to-serve and network optimization
  • Centrally orchestrated supply chain with ERP platform integration
  • Fast and agile development with state of the art AIMMS software and implementation partner Unisoma
  • Increase to the bottom line of 3%




Celso Rodrigues Batista
Integrated Planning Coordinator

Sponsored by: AIMMS

innovation and technology

  • Identify the chanllenges NPI creates in the supply chain to manage increasing complexity and cost
  • Integrate suppliers for better visibility and collaboration around NPI ramp and production
  • Quickly align the supply base to new product requirements
  • Leverage the outsourced supply chain to quickly respond to volatility in demand or supply

Geoff Annesley
General Manager

Sponsored by: E2Open

distribution and logistics


  • Building a business on high performance rather than on low upfront freight cost
  • Generating real cost savings by adopting a holistic approach to transportation execution
  • Managing outbound, inbound, and third party shipments in real time
  • Enforcing internal and external compliance across all modes to reflect true freight cost

Kevin M. Land
VP, Global Solutions
Odyssey Logistics

Sponsored by: Odyssey Logistics and Technology

supply chain optimization

  • Insights into how companies like General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and Walmart apply smart supply chain technology for multi-channel requirements
  • How advanced technology is helping companies build interconnected platforms that deliver holistic optimization
  • Applying predictive, real-time, responsive capabilities to address the multi-channel supply chain
  • Predictive demand sensing strategies to manage your customers service levels and the cost to serve
  • Improving asset planning and utilization by applying innovative optimization…from plan to execution
  • Top line growth requires a predictive demand-driven supply chain to reduce pressures on inventory, cost and service levels
  • Using business analytics to make fact-based decisions for your next generation supply chain


Bobby Miller
Global CG Strategist

Cindy de Groot
Managing Director

innovation and technology

  • Replace the traditional freight audit and payment process to achieve integrated shipping intelligence
  • How to change your supply chain and logistics function from a “Tactical Necessity” to a “Strategic Asset”
  • Create a system of complementary processes and tools designed to facilitate effective & efficient sourcing


Steve Horler
Former VP of Logistics and Global Sourcing- Chemicals
Masco Corporation

business transformation management



  • Industry view of need for Transformation 
  •  Five stages of Supply Chain Transformation
  •  Challenges and Required Actions
  •  Results and Successes

Some Improvement Results achieved by DuPont: “27% improvement on Delivery to Promise and a 30% reduction in inventory”

A deeper dive into DuPont’s Improvement Journey at the Breakfast Briefing (9 Dec at 07h55) 



Don Wirth
(Retired) VP, Corporate Supply Chains

Sponsored by: CCI

supply chain optimization


Mr. Maher’s organization supports all Dell hardware service offerings for each of Dell’s Business Units and Lines of Business. The Global Service Parts organization provides support ranging from mail in Depot Repair to 2hr response and Onsite Parts Management. Tom Maher joined Dell in 1997 and is the Vice President for Global Service Parts. Mr. Maher is responsible for service parts life cycle support in over 100 countries around the world. 

  • Leveraging trends in social and digital media to enhance your relationship with the customer base
  • Driving innovation within the supply chain function by using consumer insight
  • How crowd-sourced sustainability solutions allowed Dell to create greener plants


Tom Maher
VP, Supply Chain, Global Service Parts

stream 1
supply chain optimization

John Vogt is the Vice President of Global Logistics for Halliburton Oil and Gas. In 2013 Halliburton was named ‘Logistics Company of the Year’ by Africa Oil & Gas during the Southern Africa Oil & Gas Summit in Cape Town, South Africa. DC Velocity Magazine named Mr. Vogt ‘Rainmaker of the Year’ in 2013.

  • Assessing the opportunities and challenges of establishing complex logistics infrastructures in emerging, volatile and even dangerous markets
  • Planning ahead – Preparing for unexpected costs understanding indigenous regulation, finding local talent and making first contact to establish relationships with foreign suppliers
  • Achieving Equilibrium – Managing global and domestic teams and coordinating people towards a cohesive, common goal

John Vogt
VP Global Logistics

supply chain optimization

Tracy Rosser is the senior vice president of transportation for Walmart US.  He has the responsibility for all domestic transportation, the private fleet, and global transportation for Walmart’s entire world-wide operation. Walmart operates over 11,000 stores in 27 countries around the world and employs 2.2 million associates around the world (1.3 million in the U.S. alone.)

  • Re-conceptualizing the transportation function as a leverage item to improve business from an operational and a cost perspective
  • Overcoming roadblocks – Looking at current challenges in transportation and what works for us conquering them
  • What’s under the hood – New projects and strategies driving transportation at Walmart into the future

Tracy L. Rosser
SVP, Transportation and Supply Chain




Up Close and Personal with Don Wirth – DuPont’s Improvement Journey

How DuPont and others align their organization, engage their workforce, and achieve bottom-line results over and over again to ensure a supply chain that competes.

An integrative event that will enable you to engage, question and gain competitive insights.

Carl Loubser
VP Supply Chain
CCI (The People Behind TRACC)

Don Wirth
(Retired) VP, Corporate Supply Chains

Maureen Sobolewski
Director of Operations
CCI (The People Behind TRACC)

keynote address
supply chain optimization

The New Supply Chain Agenda: The 5 Steps that Drive Real Value

Reuben Slone is senior vice president of supply chain management for Walgreen Co. Slone has authored two articles published by Harvard Business Review: “Leading a Supply Chain Turnaround” in 2004 and “Are You the Weakest Link in your Supply Chain?” in 2007. In May 2010, Harvard Business Press published Slone’s first book: “The New Supply Chain Agenda.” Slone also serves as chairman of the board of directors of Aspire of Illinois, a non-profit organization serving children and adults with developmental disabilities.

  • Hiring and grooming talent with the unique skills needed to build and run your supply chain
  • Selecting and applying the right technologies, from forecasting systems to carbon footprint management
  • Eliminating cross-functional disconnects such as SKU proliferation and obsolete inventory
  • Collaborating with external suppliers to better meet your customers' needs
  • Implementing a disciplined management process to sustain success

Reuben Slone
SVP, Supply Chain and Logistics

panel discussion
next generation supply chain talent

Panel Discussion: Supply Chain Talent – The Missing Link in your Organization?

Moderated By:





Comparing strategies for addressing challenges in personnel management such as:

  • Increases in annual turnover
  • Longer duration of position vacancy
  • Large numbers of workers approaching retirement age
  • What can new graduates offer your company?
  • Which are the must-have skills for a supply chain executive?
  • Assessing the ways various organizations and institutions are preparing the industry’s leaders of tomorrow

Andrew Johnson
Representative, Supply Chain Management Association
Michigan State University

Joseph Shearn Jr.
VP, Distribution
Tiffany & Co.

Judy S. Jacobs
Director of Corporate and Student Relations for the Supply Chain Management Department
The Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University

Ray McGuire
Director, Global Supply Chain

Rob Dugas
VP, Supply Chain and Distribution

stream 1
supply chain optimization

What Will You Build: ‘ReStore-ing’ hope - Constructing Habitat for Humanity’s Distribution Network from the Ground Up

This interactive ‘Supply Chain Challenge’ will task the audience with developing a strategy within the confines of a real life case study followed by a lively discussion with the executive who spearheaded the project from start to finish.


  • A supply chain where your supplier base calls you at their convenience requesting immediate pickup
  • Shipments from the supplier direct to your warehouse arrive packaged improperly for transit or storage, with no packing slip and potentially damaged, dirty and unmarked. You cannot reject the shipment
  • You are unable to establish competitive transportation point-to-point pricing due to one-time shipments to and from any location in the U.S.

Given these restrictions – What type of distribution network would you build? This session will challenge you to design a supply chain strategy within the context of these goals:

  • Enable the acceptance of millions of dollars in inventory;
  • Allow Habitat for Humanity to enter the E-Commerce space; and,
  • Facilitate the construction of affordable housing for deserving Americans

Allen Thornton
Director, Logistics
Habitat for Humanity International

stream 2
performance management

Delivering on ‘Consumer-Centricity’ Through the Supply Chain: Measuring the Supply Chain's Impact on the Customer Experience

  • Getting to grips with your consumers’ needs and aligning your products, services and activities to fulfill them
  • Identifying metrics to measure success based on your customers’ satisfaction rather than cost, time or resource efficiency
  • Gathering and analyzing insights to determine areas where service could be improved or capabilities expanded
  • Using lean thinking to improve consumer experience and to reduce cost

Richard Desmarais
Director Lean & Operational Excellence
Johnson & Johnson, Health Care Systems Inc.

stream 3
distribution and logistics

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Drones? The Next Chapter in Automation and Transportation Technologies

  • Examining how unmanned ground, marine, and aerial vehicles will revolutionize global supply chains
  • Calculating the impact of changing regulation
  • Understanding the risks – Evaluating threats posed by theft, weather, human intervention, and computer and mechanical failure

Michael Buscher
Chief Executive Officer
Vanguard Defense Industries

supply chain optimization

  • Tracing Avaya’s 4-year transformation to create a Best in Class supply chain with industry leading On Time Ship, Inventory Turns, and Expense to Revenue ratio.
  • Examining how the aggressive deployment of the RapidResponse platform enabled this vision, through:
    • Automated low value processes
    • Integrated previous planning silos
    • Synchronized work streams
    • Data to information translation
    • Drive towards exception-based management, and
    • Accelerated business intelligence
  • Establishing a successful methodology from deployment to application and support to deliver a measurable ROI

Benji Green, MSIE, CSCP
Director of Global Sales, Operations, Supply and Inventory Planning

Sponsored by: Kinaxis

performance management

RIP Status Quo: Hello, B2B Integration 2.0


  • Moving beyond EDI and B2B to accommodate today's competitive economy
  • Perfect Order - Optimizing for this critical KPI in the new multi-channel environment of global commerce
  • Governance and Control - Practical and analytical methods for interpreting increased volume of data within your organization and putting it into action!


Roger Gassman

Sponsored by: Axway

distribution and logistics

Plans for Europe? Positioning Flanders/Belgium as a Leader in Global Supply and Distribution

  • Taking advantage of central location and proximity to intermodal transport hubs at the core of the 'Blue Banana' powerhouse
  • Capitalizing on a highly skilled and multi-lingual local workforce
  • Examining preferential regulation, cash grants, government incentives and tax deductions as profit enablers 

Claude Stomp
Director, Investment
Flanders Investment and Trade

Sponsored by: Flanders Investment and Trade


Intelligent Logistics: Coordinating with your Business Partners to Exceed Customer Expectations

Proactive and Individualized Cost-Saving Strategies: Thinking Globally about Supply Chain Management






Benefit from additional learning by joining a moderated roundtable discussion on pressing issues in the industry. Seating is limited, so please sign up early. Sessions will start at 12:40pm and run for one hour. Additional seating will be provided if you would prefer to discuss other topics.

stream 1
supply chain optimization

Being a Leader in Corporate Responsibility: Finding the Win-Win-Win of Social Stewardship

  • Satisfying the expectations of both stakeholders and shareholders - Fulfilling your commitment to profit, people and planet
  • Analyzing where you are and where you want to be
  • Highlighting easily implementable first steps that can serve as ambassadors in the drive to large-scale CSR initiatives
  • What are realistic metrics for success? How can that information be collected and the benefits translated?

Dan Hernandez
Director, Innovation
Hormel Foods

Rachmani Domersant
VP, International Operations
Food for the Poor

stream 2
performance management

Managing and Maintaining an Interplanetary Supply Chain - It Actually IS Rocket Science

• Utilizing ‘War Game’ modelling to assess risk across an extended global and galactic network
• Determining supplier viability through economic risk analysis and score-carding
• Black Holes – Creating end-to-end visibility across even the most opaque supply chain

Michael Galluzzi
Lead Business Strategist, Additive Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

stream 3
distribution and logistics

Fireside Chat  

Given the proximity of the 12th Annual American Supply Chain and Logistics Summit to the holiday season, this informal 'fireside chat' session will provide an intimate discussion on creating flexibility, speed, agility and optimizing responsiveness in seasonally-affected retail supply chains.

Jon Gold
VP, Supply Chain and Customs Policy
National Retail Federation

Robert Bassett
VP, Transportation

Steve Banker
Contributor; Service Director
Forbes; Logistics Viewpoints; ARC Advisory

stream 4
business transformation management

A Roadmap to Successful Integration: Achieving a Seamless Merger or Acquisition while Supporting Your Team Along the Way

  • Driving cost synergy and risk reduction through supply chain network integration
  • Creating harmony between disparate systems and processes without losing sight of day-to-day operations
  • Evaluating and consolidating existing vendor agreements
  • Providing stability for your team in an environment of constant flux as their roles and relationships are redefined

Tim Shiple
VP, Supply Chain
Motorola a Google Company

stream 4
next generation supply chain talent

Examining how SABIC is Advancing Human Capital to Drive Innovation and Developing Skill Sets for an Increasingly Complex Supply Chain

  • Strengthening the talent pipeline through proactive early career development
  • Developing supply chain professionals throughout their careers using the ‘Competency and Career’ framework
  • Applied Learning Model – Building capabilities to collaborate horizontally across the value chain to drive business innovation

Bill Gilbert
Global Center of Excellence Leader, The Americas
Sabic Inc.

David Demers
Distinguished Faculty Associate in Supply Chain Penn State Executive Programs
Smeal School of Business, The Pennsylvania State University

stream 4
organizational development

Pioneering Change: Building a World Class Organization from the Ground Up

  • Identifying and initiating the right processes and technologies to radically transform your business
  • Getting the right people in the right positions and communicating your decisions up and down the chain of command
  • A how-to guide for implementing employee engagement and lean practices to drive efficiency and productivity
  • Shifting gears – Taking your organization from ‘laggard’ to ‘world class’ in no time flat

Robert Bassett
VP, Transportation

supply chain optimization

Collaborative Logistics: Coordinating with your Business Partners to Exceed Customer Expectations

  • Developing open end-to-end supply chain collaboration with vendors and customers
  • Increasing visibility so that assets can be tracked in real-time and located instantaneously
  • Fulfilling your client’s standard operating procedures and requirements while identifying opportunities to improve and optimize performance

George Kontoravdis, Ph.D.
Founder and President

Sponsored by: Fortigo

keynote address
business transformation and leadership

Case Study: Taking the ‘Path to Positive Impact’ – Meeting Your Company and Community’s Needs through Supply Chain Diversity

Larry Hartley serves as the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain at Office Depot, where he has been instrumental in pioneering their supplier diversification program. In addition, Mr. Hartley is on Werner’s Customer Advisory Council and on the advisory board for the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute. He also serves on the board of directors and is a member of the executive committee for Aspire, one of the largest human services non-profits in the Chicago area

  • How Office Depot is fulfilling its rising employment needs through co-operative pre-training programs
  • Inspiring growth and empowerment within the organization by providing jobs and generating economic development in the places where we live, work and play
  • Harnessing the internal importance of Corporate Social Responsibility – Establishing a business that our employees are proud to represent
  • Delivering an ROI with an ROA (Return on Aspiration) –Demonstrating the benefits of supply chain diversity for both people and profit
  • Next steps in the journey – Lessons learned during the project and how we hope to grow it in the future

Larry Hartley
SVP, Supply Chain and Logistics
Office Depot

supply chain optimization

'So there I was...' Nightmares and Glory Days of a Supply Chain Troubleshooter Part II

Back by popular demand! Mark Pierson, Corporate Sourcing Executive, Logistics with NBC Universal will join us with more exciting tales that will strike a chord with every supply chain and logistics executive. This final session of the day will revisit some of his most recent adventures in reverse logistics from around the globe.

  • Reviewing decisions made during recent emergencies: How can an agile supply chain react?
  • Post-gaming actions taken in the heat of the moment:
  • Identifying the missing factors that would have simplified the process?
  • What happened when the contingency plan made contact with changing political realities?
  • Anticipating the unforeseeable - What to do when there is no plan B, C or D!
  • Lessons learned – How can we improve our everyday performance and reliability to mitigate risk going forward?

Mark Pierson
Corporate Sourcing Executive, Logistics


Enjoy a networking drinks reception in the exhibiton hall with the speakers, sponsors and summit delegates. During the drinks reception the 'Supply Chain Innovator of the Year' award will be presented.


To celebrate 12 years of the American Supply Chain and Logistics Summit, we are launching a special industry award designed to recognise an individual who has demonstrated pioneering leadership in driving excellence, performance and competitiveness within the American Supply Chain industry. The winner will be presented with the award and will share some thoughts on the future of the American Supply Chain and Logistics Sector.

More details will follow.

Submit your vote here:


business transformation and leadership

Overcoming Institutional Inertia to Promote Professional Growth and Inspire your Supply Chain Team

Tammy Bliss is an accomplished supply chain operations executive with a proven track record of driving improved growth and profitability. Tammy has built a successful career, progressing from the hourly ranks to VP of National and International logistics at three major companies: Coca Cola, Clorox, and most recently, Coty where she occupied the position of VP and General Manager. Tammy is keenly interested in helping to further the careers of others – she has pioneered internal networking, personal and professional development programs and is a passionate speaker on the topic of women in supply chain management.

  • Evaluating and aligning your leadership style with the shifting needs of up-and-coming demographics within Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Establishing group- and function-specific development resources to promote professional growth and maintain employee engagement even during times of business transformation
  • Identifying and accommodating your personnel’s changing aspirations for their career in Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Best strategies for feeling fulfilled in your profession and getting the most out of your team by helping them to do the same

Tammy Bliss
(Former) VP, Supply Chain and GM

stream 1
supply chain optimization

New Thinking at Nike: Tracing our Innovative Supply Chain Journey from Start to Finish


  • Redefining the role of the supply chain at Nike
  • Establishing a quantitative view of Supply Chain management
  • The highs and lows of our transformative supply chain journey – Examining our biggest successes and failures
  • Demonstrating how continuous innovation across the supply chain function has played a vital role in Nike's overall business success

Joan Carles Peiro
Operations Director, Center for Excellence

stream 2
performance management

What's the Big Deal with Big Data? Evaluating its Value as a Driver of Business Success

  • What does a successfully working Big Data system look like and how can you maintain it?
  • Information overload! How much data is too much data – Identifying the right level of detail for what you’re trying to understand
  • Expanding on existing performance management programs to collect enough of the right information for a Big Data approach
  • Increasing your savings potential - Maximize your negotiating power by arming yourself with all of the facts and figures
  • Looking to the future – What potential do Big Data programs possess for increasing productivity and performance across the organization 

Marianne McDonald
VP, Transportation

stream 3
distribution and logistics

Optimizing the Distribution Network from Tip to Toe –A Top to Bottom look at Transforming your Supply Chain

  • Evaluating strategic partnerships to decrease freight cost and reduce risk through minimized inventory
  • Getting lean – Maximizing your supply footprint to enable greater than 98% on-time delivery
  • Aligning internal and external teams to reduce cost through optimized labor, transportation and overall efficiency

Doug Jackson
Director, Supply Chain Management

supply chain optimization

Aligning Freight Service Offerings with the E-Commerce Revolution – Industry Standard Brought Up To Speed

The trend is clear: nearly every industry is leveraging the e-commerce revolution. Even complex products such as insurance, are now offered online. As global B2B trade continues to expand and become more dynamic, there is an increasingly acute need for instant anywhere-to-anywhere transportation quotes. So why has international freight remained the laggard of the e-commerce universe?

  • Who wins and who loses in the e-commerce freight space (and how you can be a winner!)
  • What new opportunities for importers and exporters are emerging as a result, and how you can leverage these to benefit your business
  • Delivering a roadmap for the freight industry’s transition to an e-commerce model
  • Empirical proof that manual quoting is more costly and less effective for both the shipper and freight vendors

Zvi Schreiber

performance management

  • Reduce your small parcel shipping costs by up to 30%
  • Mitigate the negative effects of the  new national carrier dimensional weight policy
  • Increase your leverage when negotiating shipping contracts
  • Enhance your customer experience through next day delivery at ground rates

Mark Magill
VP Business Development

distribution and logistics

New Methods for Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency using Geographic Information Services (GIS)

  • Gaining location-based insights to help you locate business opportunities
  • Connecting everyone in your organization so you can share the latest maps, data, and ideas on a single platform
  • Learning new methods to increase efficiency in site selection and network design

Wolfgang Hall
Global Industry Manager, SCM and Logistics

stream 1
supply chain optimization

Driving Continuous Improvement Through Metrics Methodology

  • Examining ways to drive performance improvements in your processes through a more informed metrics methodology
  • Gain understanding as to why measuring arithmetic averages can lull you into a false sense of success
  • Exploring the use of percentiles and how to leverage them in service level agreements and performance targets
  • Achieving new levels of insight through the implementation of data indexing

Joshua Brewington
Senior Multi-Disciplined Engineer, With Honors

stream 2
performance management

Through an integrated master data planning model including a diversified portfolio management structure ADVA has achieved significant improvements around its service and cost related KPI’s. Based on this framework a service offering from the Operations department has been established to fortify the roll-out of a diversified portfolio from the customer to the supplier and back


This session will examine various aspects of ADVA’s Supply Chain Transformation, including:

  • Implementing an integrated master data planning cycle
  • Becoming a customer centric supply chain organization
  • Transforming from “project type” to a “commodity type” supply chain model

ADVA Optical Networking was awarded a 2014 Supply Chain Management Award by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Logistik Heute, in partnership with the Institute for Supply Chain Management and the House of Logistics and Mobility

Mark Garofalo
Director of Operations in North America
Adva Optical Networking

Philipp Lutzny
Global Senior Director, Logistics and Fulfillment Operations
ADVA Optical Networking

stream 3
distribution and logistics

Analyzing the Federal Government’s Ongoing Efforts to Enhance the Global Supply Chain Safety in a Digital World

  • Examining international cases of cyber security breaches that put the integrity of global supply chains at risk
  • Discussing the changing regulatory scheme and the various actions taken in response to recent supply chain security threats
  • Becoming proactive – What you can do to ensure end-to-end protection once the goods have left your hands

Stephen Caldwell
Director, Maritime Security and Coast Guard Issues, Homeland Security and Justice Team
U.S. Government Accountability Office


Benefit from additional learning by joining a moderated roundtable discussion on pressing issues in the industry. Seating is limited, so please sign up early. Sessions will start at 12:00pm and run for one hour. Additional seating will be provided if you would prefer to discuss other topics.

Women in SCL - Sharing Stories of Success and Failure Accross Diverse Experiences in Supply Chain Management

Developing and Implementing a Continuous Career Development Program to Drive Innovation and Manage SCM Complexity


Being a Leader in Corporate Responsibility: Finding the Win-Win-Win of Social Stewardship


What's the Big Deal with Big Data? Evaluating its Value as a Driver of Business Success

Alexandra Lanza
(Former) VP, World Wide Supply Chain
Weight Watchers International

Bill Gilbert
Global Center of Excellence Leader, The Americas
Sabic Inc.

Dan Hernandez
Director, Innovation
Hormel Foods

David Demers
Distinguished Faculty Associate in Supply Chain Penn State Executive Programs
Smeal School of Business, The Pennsylvania State University

Marianne McDonald
VP, Transportation

Rachmani Domersant
VP, International Operations
Food for the Poor

panel discussion
business transformation and leadership

Panel Discussion: Women in Supply Chain – Eliminating Gender Bias in SCM to Optimize your Organization’s Performance

  • In what ways have the core competencies of supply chain executives changed in the last 10-15 years?
  • How can the supply chain industry overcome its reputation as a male-centric discipline? What can women offer that men can’t?
  • Summarizing the barriers to the success of women in SCL leadership roles
  • Examining how organizations are championing female leaders and eliminating gender biases
  • Examples of how top companies are initiating skills and talent development programs for women

Georgia Majors
DVP, Integrated Supply Chain and E-Commerce
Sears Holdings

Michelle Braun
Global Director, Indirect Procurement
General Motors

Regine Honore Villain
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Medical University of South Carolina

Rob Dugas
VP, Supply Chain and Distribution

Tammy Bliss
(Former) VP, Supply Chain and GM

Tonya Jackson
VP Global Supply Chain Operations

keynote address
supply chain optimization

Looking to the Future in a ‘Glocal’ Environment: Building a Globally Connected Local Supply Chain

As Vice President, Enterprise Business Unit, Supply Chain Operations for Lenovo (formerly IBM) Timothy E. Carroll plays a vital role in his company's push to achieve continuous improvement in its abilities to meet the demands of an increasingly interconnected and global environment. Before transitioning to Lenovo, he was a member of IBM's Innovation and Leadership Team. Mr. Carroll was named “Rainmaker of the Year’ in 2013 by DC Velocity Magazine.

  • Creating a flexible, scalable global supply chain with customer service at the core
  • Delivering the value and variety of the world market to consumers on a local scale
  • Maintaining oversight and visibility in an ever-expanding organization to ensure quality, safety and social responsibility
  • Managing the complexity of transnational supply chains – Developing talent and aligning your workforce with people, partners, projects and profit
  • Where global and local meet - How e-commerce will continue to change the game in SCM

Timothy Carroll
VP, Enterprise Business Group, Supply Chain Operations