Key Themes

Key themes in 2014 included:

‘Going Global’ – Managing your supply chain an increasingly globalized economy

  • Capitalizing on new market opportunities while managing growing customer and supplier bases
  • Analyzing impact of shift in labor costs and changing regulation on supply chain in North America
  • Coordinating global teams and best practice for managing extended distribution networks

Performance Management – Should you forget about ‘Big Data’?

  • What’s the big deal with big data? Evaluating its value as a driver of business success
  • Exploring new ‘Smart Data’ systems that can take the guesswork out of your analytics
  • The ‘Internet of Things’ – Ensuring you’re ready to thrive in an object-connected world

Distribution and Logistics – Streamline your networks using cutting edge technologies and footprint optimization strategies

  • Driving innovation in SCM to facilitate the development of new business in emerging markets
  • Forecasting commodity market fluctuations and building an adaptable procurement plan
  • Planes, trains, automobiles, and drones – looking to the future of transportation methods and technology

Leadership and Talent Acquisition – Best practice for overcoming the supply chain skills shortage

  • Examining the changing role of women in supply chain management
  • Leveraging co-op, apprenticeship and internship programs to attract top talent
  • Tackling post-M&A process integration and employee retention

Supply Chain Sustainability:

  • Developing criteria for sustainably sourcing
  • Identifying green initiatives that can improve productivity of your suppliers
  • Ensuring successful transition to sustainable raw materials

Demand Driven Supply Chain:

  •   Delivering on consumer centricity by measuring the supply chain’s impact on the customer experience
  • Ensuring smooth transition from push to pull model
  • Using Lean to convert from ‘Make to Stock’ to ‘Made to Order’ while balancing standardization vs. customization